Three Cheers for Breffni!

Julie Corcoran
Breffni Photography Club Photographer of the Year (CPOTY) Trophy 2017, 2nd Place in the Advanced Section. Image ©Julie Corcoran.

Another Breffni Photography Club year comes to end with the presentation of the Club Photographer of the Year (CPOTY) awards; well done everyone (after the superbly well run A.G.M, yes I am the club secretary).

We’ve got a great committee put in place for the 2017/18 season which is going to be hectic!

For more information on Breffni Photography Club based in Virginia, Co. Cavan click here.


Saal-Digital Photo Book review

Julie Corcoran Cover
Saal-Digital Photo-Book, 19×19, 26 pages. ©JulieCorcoran.

Just over a week ago I applied to review a photo book product from German based company, Saal-Digital.

Design Software

In order to design a product with Saal-Digital you need to download their software from their website. It’s very straightforward and provides you with all the product information you need.

I already had a number of images saved as high resolution jpegs saved at 300ppi so all I had to organise was the layout. I choose grey as the background colour and added text beside some of the images.

I love the fact that Saal-Digital do not place their logo all over the book.

Julie Corcoran Saal Digital
A simple design layout created with the Saal-Digital software. The lay flat binding allows you to place photos across pages. ©JulieCorcoran.


After I confirmed my order on a Thursday evening I received an email the next morning to say my order had shipped (I had the reassurance of being able to track my order).

By the Saturday it was with An Post (local postal service). It arrived the following Wednesday which meant I had my photo book in less than a week after designing it.

The Photo Book

You can watch a Youtube video featuring my photo book here, but needless to say the colour reproduction is excellent. The pages are reassuringly thick and the matt finish did justice to every detail of my carefully crafted photographs. As you’ll see from the video there is no Saal-Digital logo anywhere on the book.

The 19×19, 26 page photo book I ordered currently costs £24.95 with £4.95 postage and packaging. It’s a very competitive price and with the quality you’re getting I honestly don’t think it can be beaten.

For more details you can visit the Saal-Digital website here and claim your £15 off voucher.


Lady Anne Loftus

Lady Anne Loftus ©Julie Corcoran. All rights reserved, please do not reproduce without permission. Prints available on request. 

Inspired by a recent visit to the most haunted house in Ireland; Loftus Hall, I created this image of Lady Anne; the ghostly resident of the tapestry room.

Along with an incredibly entertaining and spooky tour of the house visitors can also admire the amazing work of locally based photographer, Steve Meyler.

His 66 framed monochrome photographs of the house (shot in a style based on his experience as an architectural and crime scene photographer) can be found here or on his website

Loftus Hall, Hook Head, New Ross, Co. Wexford is well worth a visit, especially if you’re trying to entertain older children and teenagers on a rainy holiday. It is recommended though that you book in advance as the tours are very popular.


Hollywood Photo Shoot

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David Kennedy photography organised a fun, collaborative photo shoot last Saturday in Virginia, Co. Cavan.

Apart from being valuable experience for building portfolios for both the models and photographers alike; photo shoots organised amongst friends are guaranteed great fun.

So find a photographer who organises photoshoots or even better – go organise one yourself, we spent just over three hours making our way from one end of the town the other (including a coffee break in the delightful Mason’s Apron).

Photoshoots the most fun you can have (legally) with two models and a suitcase.




Photography is all about light. But what does that mean?

How do we as photographers; light chasers extraordinaire, harness the power of light?

The best instructor, I’ve found, is natural light itself.

Kells Hay Festival
Swim at Sunrise ©Julie Corcoran 2016. Salterstown Pier, Co. Louth.

There is nothing more illuminating than paying witness to a sunrise; training your eyes on golden shafts of light as they meet, stop then creep over black lumps revealing fronds of various greens clinging to rocks as equally varied in colour.

A sunrise is a lesson in light, form and shadow. Take the time to witness one, even record it for future reference; a sound investment for improving your photography (even studio work).

Kells Hay Festival
Light on Feathers ©Julie Corcoran 2016. Studying natural light can help add drama to your studio photography. This simple setup shows the straight path light travels from a single light source.