#CanonRoadTrip #Ireland

Julie Corcoran Salterstown
Salterstown at Sunrise by Julie Corcoran, 30th March 2017 as part of the #CanonRoadTrip for the EOS 30th Anniversary. Canon 70D, Canon 10-22 lens, Lee Filter 0.6 ND Hard Grad, 20sec, f/20, ISO100. 

#CanonRoadTrip in association with Maher’s of Drogheda.



Salterstown, Co. Louth, Ireland.

Eastern Promise.

Pulling up at 6.20am in Salterstown; I was greeted with the sight of four black figures with a flashlight down on the pier. As dawn approached nearly a dozen of us were clambering down the rocks with tripods and camera gear firmly lodged underarm.

Clouds threatened rain (and the sunset), but that didn’t stop this eclectic mix of photographers, gear and experience. As each of us unfurled our gear in reverence to the East, our Canon guides; David Newton & Shane Cowley recanted tips and tales only true togs up at the crack would appreciate (and no P does not stand for Professional on your camera dial!).

But seriously, what an experience to have an expert crouched beside you turning your histogram spikes into rolling Cavan drumlins before your very eyes (now etched forever in my memory).

Though not exclusive to Canon users, as a Canon owner, it made me feel appreciated. Fair play to Canon for looking after its customers long after the warranty has run out (and showing us the mirrorless offering from Canon, the EOS M5, and yes I want one).

However, the clouds hung onto the sun like a model holds onto her dignity in an implied nudity shot. Ray, a well seasoned landscape photographer beside me, had his eye on the silver lining; ‘those clouds will make a nice black and white’.

And so the #CanonRoad Trip continues on for the rest of the week heading south to the Burren and Cliffs of Moher before ending in Glendalough. All I can say is bring your shower caps and positive attitude and lap up all the sound advice. A big thanks to Canon for looking after its fans, more road trips please!

Lady Anne Loftus

Lady Anne Loftus ©Julie Corcoran. All rights reserved, please do not reproduce without permission. Prints available on request. 

Inspired by a recent visit to the most haunted house in Ireland; Loftus Hall, I created this image of Lady Anne; the ghostly resident of the tapestry room.

Along with an incredibly entertaining and spooky tour of the house visitors can also admire the amazing work of locally based photographer, Steve Meyler.

His 66 framed monochrome photographs of the house (shot in a style based on his experience as an architectural and crime scene photographer) can be found here or on his website www.stevemeyler.com.

Loftus Hall, Hook Head, New Ross, Co. Wexford is well worth a visit, especially if you’re trying to entertain older children and teenagers on a rainy holiday. It is recommended though that you book in advance as the tours are very popular.


Keep the Quality Streets coming

‘Decision’s Made’ before/after gif. Image copyright Julie Corcoran.

While awaiting sponsorship from an amazing camera gear company (which could happen any day now) I am forced to find inexpensive ways to get creative with my camera.

On a recent shoot with a fellow photographer (who always manages to get comprising shots of whoever is in her company) I tried the a yellow sweet wrapper on my speedlight, see below.

Thanks Janet 🙂

I was pleasantly surprised with the results, so until I get that sponsorship call; keep the Quality Streets coming.

Virginia Show 2016