Photography is all about light. But what does that mean?

How do we as photographers; light chasers extraordinaire, harness the power of light?

The best instructor, I’ve found, is natural light itself.

Kells Hay Festival
Swim at Sunrise ©Julie Corcoran 2016. Salterstown Pier, Co. Louth.

There is nothing more illuminating than paying witness to a sunrise; training your eyes on golden shafts of light as they meet, stop then creep over black lumps revealing fronds of various greens clinging to rocks as equally varied in colour.

A sunrise is a lesson in light, form and shadow. Take the time to witness one, even record it for future reference; a sound investment for improving your photography (even studio work).

Kells Hay Festival
Light on Feathers ©Julie Corcoran 2016. Studying natural light can help add drama to your studio photography. This simple setup shows the straight path light travels from a single light source. 

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